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Replacement keys

Replacement of all types of keys.
We use quality blank keys.

The majority of keys are reproduced right in our store.
Keys protected by a certificate will be reproduced depending on the brand.
Special keys are produced in the workshop, usually within 24 hours.

To make things easier, please bring all the information you have in your possession:

Sale and installation of high-security locks

Security is not made up of a single component or single brand.
A set of important factors must be taken into account.
We study the various options with you and provide solutions for each site to be secured.

Installation and repair of all types of locks

Breakdown, repairs, opening, or installation of locks.

Multipoint locks

These are locking systems that bolt the door into the frame in multiple positions (name varies with models) and that can be opened with a single key.


This is a lock schedule (installation plan) set up in collaboration with the customer.
We create a table (matrix) listing the keys and doors and indicating opening authorisations for the various existing doors.


A broad range of safes can be ordered to suit your needs.
We recommend that you carefully consider your requirements before purchasing a safe.
The size, level of security, its location, fireproofing, data protection, locking system, etc.
We are available to answer any questions you may have.
Our job is to help you to make the right decision.

Electric, motorised, magnet locks

Primarily designed for building access, these systems provide the security of a permanently locked door, whilst maintaining the existing entry phone setup.

Wireless access control

Installation of door checks and floor pivots

We replace or install overhead or floor closing systems.


We work for managing agents and also provide maintenance.

Restoration of wrought iron doors

The locksmith’s know-how is the principal asset in this work.


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